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Scientists Just Found a Sea Turtle That Glows

My bag 0. If your camper missed out on this season, keep us in mind for next summer! Early-bird registration for the camp season is posted on February 1, at a discounted rate. As we wind down our summer camp season, we would like to take a minute to recognize our seasonal camp staff for their hard work and dedication this summer! W e are proud to have had such a dynamic and enthusiastic group of lead counselors teaching over campers throughout the summer.

From plankton to sea turtles, our camp staff have introduced aspiring marine scientists to the fascinating wonders of the ocean using fun and engaging lessons. Transforming summer camp into an unforgettable camper experience is no walk on the beach, but our counselors made it feel like a breeze! As we wind down our summer ca mp season, we would like to take a minute to recognize our Counselors-in-Training CITs for a tremendous job well done!

Each of our CITs commit a minimum of volunteer hours participating in our Junior Marine Biologist summer camp, assisting our camp staff to facilitate a fun and educational learning environment for our campers. Without the dedication of our volunteer counselors, JMB camp would be a slightly less cool, hip and fun place to learn marine science! Programs will be held on August 27, September 4, and September 24 from a. Participants will learn basic techniques including knot tying, casting, species identification and proper release protocols in addition to conservation measures such as habitat protection, sea turtle rescue, and the importance of collecting and recycling monofilament fishing line.

Participants will leave with the knowledge and experience necessary to serve as responsible anglers. To reserve a spot in a fishing program, please contact Demi at ext. Space is limited.

Alexandra Ball Illustrator - Children's book and Line Illustrations

One-hour lessons will be held on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 a. In July, the loggerhead sea turtles came ashore in full force this year! We have officially broken our previous record of 11, loggerhead nests in As of August 3, we have recorded 1 4, loggerhead nests within our survey area. Our busiest night of nesting was on July 3 this year, when loggerhead nests were recorded in a single night!

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We anticipate the loggerheads to continue nesting through August, with their season typically coming to an end by September. As we approach the end of summer, the number of green sea turtle nests recorded will surpass the number of loggerhead nests, as the loggerhead season comes to an end. Peak nesting for green sea turtles usually occurs in August.

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In July, we averaged about 10 new green turtle nests per night and have recorded a total of green turtle nests as of August 3. This year was anticipated to be a low nesting year for the green turtles due to last year being a high nesting year. It is not known why the green turtles nest in a high to low year interval; however, it has been a fairly consistent trend over the past 10 years.

The leatherback nesting season has likely come to an end. The research team has recorded leatherback nests this year.

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  5. Our latest leatherback nest was recorded on July It is unlikely that more will come ashore to nest, as most leatherbacks have already migrated out of this area and are heading to their winter foraging grounds. Below is a graph showing the last 10 years of nesting counts along our survey area. All species of sea turtles and all three survey beaches have been combined in the graph. As of this month, this year is the second highest nesting season on record for LMC.

    These holes are extremely dangerous to nesting and hatching sea turtles. Last week, a supporter came across a hole that was about five feet deep. Please fill in holes and knock down sand castles to make the beach a safer nesting and hatching environment for sea turtles.

    Alexandra Ball

    Unfilled holes can entrap hatchlings as they make their trek into the sea. Only a small portion of nests are visibly marked, therefore digging holes on the beach during nesting season can accidentally uncover a sea turtle nest. Staff are inspired by everything they learned and are ready to bring new ideas to LMC. Fletch here, the loveable and huggable Loggerhead Marinelife Center mascot.

    Trash in the environment is left by humans — not us reptiles, birds, fish or four-legged animals. So, what is trash? Taking the pledge is simple: click on the link below, print it, sign it and live it as part of your daily lifestyle. Protecting the marine environment starts with U. Back to school! Not only that, but you and your kids will be helping to support the turtles and the environment. With our eco-friendly lunch totes, your child can carry their lunch in a beautiful blue bag with cute little turtles on the side.

    Not only that, but this lunch tote helps retain both hot and cold temperatures. Need something to put your food in? We also offer a great line of Bluewater Bento brand containers that are made of stainless steel and are equipped with a silicone lid. Need something to write on?