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Witnessing the Moon Landing in Ireland, at the Start of the Troubles

In what became the Republic of Ireland, the matter is more or less settled. The President stands among state dignitaries and observes a parade by the Irish National Army. In the six counties of Ulster that were retained by the United Kingdom, the situation is more volatile. As part of a protracted peace process, the I. It went on to become the dominant nationalist party, sharing power with the Democratic Unionist Party D.

But several small, angry factions regarded the peace settlement as a sellout and are determined to show that they can reignite the conflict. Murals in Derry make heroes of the I. But the city is also one of the few places in which dissident Republicans have a foothold, their most recent incarnation being the New I.

What happens to Northern Ireland’s film industry now Game of Thrones is over?

A recent survey of young people in Derry found that ninety-five per cent of them saw no future in the city. Brexit is compounding the instability. All indications show that the U.

The flare-ups of violence in the last few years are the result of this Republican in-fighting. It is as ridiculous, extreme, and destructive as only family rows can be.

Northern Ireland: Divided by walls - Focus on Europe

Saoradh, named for the Irish word for liberation, is the New I. Several children have ended up in court for their involvement with the group. On Facebook, one of its associates proudly displays photos of a young girl, who looks about eight years old, grinning in front of a Republican flag as she pretends to fire a rifle. They were heading up toward Creggan, a housing estate on the western edge of the city.

Its appalling living conditions and lack of amenities were central to the rise of the civil-rights movement in the nineteen-sixties; today, one in three children in Creggan is born into poverty. When the police arrived, they raided a house, and later said that they had been told there were weapons inside. They did not find any. Boys wearing hooded tracksuits and scarves over their faces gathered. They threw bricks, firecrackers, and then petrol bombs at the police, who by this stage had retreated into their armor-plated vehicles.

There was no sense of the old communal fury behind this riot.

Troubles trauma - the hidden legacy of violence

When I looked at social-media footage afterward, the riot had a staged quality. A British TV crew was present, filming a documentary. A van was hijacked and set alight, then a car. There were people dodging bricks. But that soon changed. Almost immediately, she saw that someone had fallen.

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Clive James Got It Right. By Adam Gopnik. By Michael Maslin. By Jay Caspian Kang. By Naomi Fry. Misreading Harold Bloom. By James Wood. The Timeless Cartoons of Dana Fradon.

By Edward Koren. The tragic irony of life in Northern Ireland today is that peace seems to have claimed more lives than war ever did. She had to wear an eye patch to correct her sight, then glasses.

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She needed remedial classes to help her learn to read. Soon she was devouring the Harry Potter series , by J. She lay awake at night crying, tormented by her secret. She contemplated suicide. And it did. When she was fifteen, she got a place with a charity that helped talented young people from working-class backgrounds develop media skills.

A year later, she won the Sky Young Journalist of the Year Award, among a pool of candidates that included university students, for a striking piece about teen-age suicide, and was interviewed on BBC Northern Ireland. By , she had discovered crowdfunding, and had high hopes. She won awards, including one for a piece about domestic violence that was published on the Scottish investigative-journalism Web site the Ferret. She spoke at conferences, delivered trainings, and worked on stories, most of them dark, some of which were published in the Atlantic and BuzzFeed.

She knew this work was potentially dangerous. In , she blogged about the murder of a Mexican journalist, a young woman. In reality, my fears are probably groundless.

Independent culture newsletter

So I tell myself. Lyra saw journalism as a way to right all the wrongs. When she got a piece about an abuse of power published in Private Eye , a British magazine of satire and current affairs, she waited for justice to be done. When nothing happened, she felt that she had failed. Such was the murderous turmoil of the times, and the low social status of the victims. Lyra was determined not just to solve their cold cases but to find their bodies and return them to their families. Lyra had planned to have dinner with Burns and other friends the night after she was murdered.

Lyra was anxious about how to pace a book, and, when I read her early chapters, most of my suggestions had to do with structure. She was wonderfully open about her work. But if I was, in a sense, one of her mentors, she was far ahead of me in many ways. In , she was appointed as an editor of the U. The job gave her basic financial security and left her time to devote to her own writing.

In a video statement that she made to introduce herself in the role, she spoke about how journalism was becoming more collaborative. We are all going to be curators. She was constantly telling me about new apps and tools, most of which continue to bewilder me. I called her Ms. Shooting Star. The Irish Times named her one of the rising young Irish writers to watch in She was invited to be a contributing editor to the U. Its editor, Don Van Natta, Jr. Murder, suicide, and sudden deaths had always preoccupied Lyra. Does it matter considering the lengths the Durham, North Carolina police seemingly went in order to stitch him up?

Sitting through this twisting, turning documenting about the trial of Michael Peterson — charged with the murder in of his wife — the viewer may find themselves alternately empathising with and recoiling from the accused. Stranger Things: the Euro-Gloom years. In a remote town surrounded by a creepy forest locals fear the disappearance of a teenager may be linked to other missing persons cases from decades earlier.

Neil Patrick Harris gobbles up the scenery as the vain and wicked Count Olaf, desperate to separate the Baudelaire orphans from their considerable inheritance. The look is Tim Burton by way of Wes Anderson, and the dark wit of the books is replicated perfectly Snickett, aka Daniel Handler, is co-producer. Stone and Hill are star-crossed outcasts participating in a drugs trial that catapults them into a series of trippy genre excursions — including an occult adventure and a Lord of the Rings-style fantasy.

It is here that Fukunaga demonstrates his versatility, handling potentially hokey material smartly and respectfully. The Breaking Bad prequel is starting to outgrow the show that spawned it. Where Breaking Bad delivered a master-class in scorched earth storytelling Saul is gentler and more humane. But how far will he go to make his name and escape the shadow of his superstar attorney brother Chuck Michael McKean? Bigger budgets have given creators Brooker and Annabel Jones license to let their imaginations off the leash — yielding unsurpassable episodes such as virtual reality love story "San Junipero" and Star Trek parody "USS Callister", which has bagged a bunch of Emmys.

David Fincher produces this serial killer drama based on the writings of a real-life FBI psychological profiler. Tracing the reign of Elizabeth II from her days as a wide-eyed young woman propelled to the throne after the surprise early death of her father, The Crown humanises the royals even as it paints their private lives as a bodice-ripping soap.

Matt Smith is charmingly roguish as Prince Philip and Vanessa Kirby has ascended the Hollywood ranks on the back of her turn as the flawed yet sympathetic Princess Margaret. Most impressive of all, arguably, is Claire Foy, who plays the Queen as a shy woman thrust unwillingly into the spotlight. Foy and the rest of the principal cast have now departed, with a crew of older actors — headed by Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies — taking over as the middle-aged Windsors for season three. This drug trafficking caper spells out exactly what kind of series it is with an early scene in which two gangsters zip around a multi-level carpark on a motorbike firing a machine gun.

Series one and two feature a mesmerising performance by Wagner Moura as Columbian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar, while season three focuses on the notorious Cali cartel. But whatever happens, he has left us with a humane and riveting sitcom about an Ansari-proximate character looking for love and trying to establish himself professionally in contemporary New York. Against the edge-of-civilisation backdrop of the Florida Keys, Kyle Chandler plays the local detective and favourite son of a well-to-do family.

You can almost smell the shoddy sanitation and horse-manure in this lavish murder-mystery set in 19th New York. Judd Apatow bring his signature gross-out comedy to the small screen.