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The Public is free to climb this work, and despite the difficulties, many reach the top, even more reach the summit via the ladder. Adidas kids documents a chance encounter between myself, the Scottish writer Duncan McLaren, and three gipsy children who try to communicate with us using the universal language of Adidas. The children were amazed that not only could we not understand French but apparently had never heard of adidas! Surfaceaction involves the traversing of the gallery walls using ice axe and crampons.

When appropriate, each time this work is exhibited, a new video is made. T o date, this has happened four times. Tent on a ledge is secured to the wall only through the adhesive powers of two lengths of scotch tape. Collapse is inevitable.

Cuestión Confianza

Edelweiss depicts all summits visible on the map of Switzerland; from the smallest drumlin, to the highest peaks. The work could be thought of as none-Euclidean, in that we perceive the possibility of a dual reality. Mountains and Stars, coexisting within the same space and time. Neal Beggs was born in in Larne, Northern Ireland. He lives in France and the UK.

Vanessa Billy works with a variety of materials to create simple assemblages t hat p rovoke c ontradictory a ssociations. H er work is concerned with the physicality of materials and the sensations evoked by par ticular colours, textures and forms. Black rubber puddles droop over stone stairs, while wooden rainbows spring from lumps of concrete and thin strips of aluminium balance precariously against white washed walls. Hand cut edges and painted surfaces become clues to the processes each object has undergone, and, whether bought, found or made, its history is slowly revealed.

Kitty Anderson is associate curator at Frieze Projects, London. Vanessa Billy was born in in Geneva, Switzerland. She lives and works in London and Geneva. Far left: Equator in Ecuador, , cardboard, stone composite, Perspex, plastic; above: Good housekeeping, , polystyrene, fabric, copper tube, magazines, concrete; left: Ciao to bling, , newspaper, debris, brass tubes. Top: Added value, , concrete, chains; above left: Gorgeous remarks, , wood, paint; above right: Up there, , PVC; right: Up, down, side and side and side , , plaster, paint, varnish, fabric, collage. Cecilia has used collage of sound or film or magazine pages to make work which is formally delicate and politically incisive.

Alex Sainsbury is Director of a non-profit gallery under construction in London. I am interested in the co-existence of opposing emotional states, in how a situation, image or scene can be simultaneously pleasurable and unsettling. By restricting the amount of information given, I intend to sustain a seductive state of play between hiding and revealing.

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It is an indirect way of commenting on the present, a poetic way of commenting on the here and now. Cecilia Bonilla was born in in Montevideo, Uruguay. She lives and works in London. In his projects, Paul seeks out systems of fragile economies as subject matter, critiquing the class separations that exist and are visible throughout peripheries of cities where workers are best kept hidden.


His subjects range in content from communications to real estate, from health care to issues of identity, and the refusal of a conformist America. He constantly and successfully tries to extend the meaning and the possibilities of painting into the p ublic realm. His humorous Phone Card Paintings project consisted of original oil p aintings of kitsch motifs found on pre- paid phone card s, which the ar tist collected in his neighbourhood of Jackson Heights, Queens, but with an internal scratch off code that en ables the recipient to call his or her famil y anywhere in the world.

The actual performance and free distribution of these paintings that required several months of studio production lasted less than one hour , but became an extremely interactive social event, that simultaneously prompted fundamental questions about globalization, the value of labour, painting, the market etc… Eva Scharrer is an independent curator and art critic, based in Basel, Switzerland. Paul Branca was born in in New Y ork, where he lives and works.

My first encounter was her BA show at the Slade I was transfixed. Her films continue to thrill me I think she is a really talented and questioning film maker who deserves greater exposure. Spartacus Chetwynd is an artist. Left: Eva, 16mm film loop; right: Dad, 16mm film loop; next pages left to right : Paul, 16mm film loop; Tessa, 16mm film loop. Their intelligent deconstruction of the media in terms of message, strategy , visuals and content, combined with their pure engagement and their ability to produce high quality art works with a strong emotional and sensitive appeal, makes them into pioneers of the contemporary ar t field.

T aking as her star ting point an idea that is seldom addressed in contemporary ar t practice, she has developed a series of installations based on a dialogue with famous Modern ar tists.

  1. Extra-Literary Representations of Early Modern Queenship?
  2. There Will Be a Highway There!
  3. TROIS CONTES: translated from the French by Shirley Mitchell.
  4. Hot Nights in Savannah (Hot Summer Series)!
  5. Salon de Bodas Venecia;
  6. Roberta Nizzola - Spanish to Italian translator.!

The work revolves around the fear of anachronism, the shame not to be in today's world, not to use today's media. Werkleitz Biennale, Halle. Above: Stone, ; top left: Shame in Venice, installation, ; left: I want to let the work fall down, , right: Shitspace, But drawing is the most important and extensive part of his work, and he is one of the many young artists that are infusing the medium with a renewed sense of urgency and showing that it is b ecoming more relevant as the primitive or low-tech seems nowadays to have a new resonance.

Even his presence on the world wide web, with a blog called planetamauro [planet Mauro] plays, almost with adolescent humour , with the most digital of. His pi ctures focus on the darker facets of the psyche, and the hazy sphere of personal obsessions. Ricardo Nicolau is a writer and curator, and is deputy to the Director in the Serralves Museum, Porto.

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Right: We have an opinion, , ink on paper, 21 x It is this subtlety that appeals to me, the work is always meticulously executed and works co-operatively with the space. The aesthetic is carefully considered but the work also asks questions about the socio-political and historical aspects of the spaces the work exists in. In doing so there is a hope that the ar tist can pose debate or shifts in the settings ar t is commonly shown and viewed. I nominated Jasmina for the quality of the questions in her work.

She presents the fetish of the experience. My work poses a parallel to the existing territorial marking of the traveller spectator and creates an architectonical framework which interrupts the normal flow of events and enhances the dialogue with the casual passer -by a faux tourist. Space hybridisation takes place through site-specific interventions which through employment of personal poetics reconsider the current state of cultural re-branding.

The focus of my engagement is not the packaged Exotic based on geopolitical reality of a territory , but the Exotic non defined in terms of its spatial and temporal factuality.

Stolen Child

Jasmina Cibic was born in in Ljubljana, Slovenia. My reasons for nominating Declan Clarke arise out of the camaraderie we shared recently while showing together in Moscow. He showed me the Fountain of the Friendship of the Peoples , which is the title he chose for a collaborative installation between himself, Goshka Macuga, and Grant W atson How we negotiate what we care about with who we are. In Mine Are of T rouble ,. Sarah Pierce is an artist who lives in Dublin and organises the Metropolitan Complex. Photograph by Rory Moore.

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Consuegra shoots his images with a large-format camera and with a closed diaphragm so as to have an extremely ample depth-of-. Thus, the different layers of the city he por trays historical, stylistic are subsumed within a unifying foreground, which results in a tension between the multiple layers depicted and the homogeneous surface of the photograph, between the reality of the city and the reality of the image.

He lives and works in Los Angeles. R outed i n s culptural c oncerns a nd ranging a cross vi deo, p hotography a nd p erformance h is w ork has explored different processes of translation, or the conversion of one form of representation into another. Omega , a single screen video projection, made during a residency in T rinidad, captured Soprano singer Germain Lewis of the Lydians Choir holding a single note at a redundant Omega tracking station in Chaguaramus.

The tracking station is one of eight that were built and together formed the worlds first Global Navigation System. Decommissioned in the Omega system used longwave radio transmitters instead of satellites, which are the foundation of current GPS.

  • The Emblematic Queen;
  • Nevers and Donts Always and Dos;
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  • He first obtained a satellite image of Hyde Park and then pinpointed a single pixel and mapped it to the actual area that it represented. This square of land was then covered with black polythene. Test Signal performed at the South London Gallery utilised a p iece o f s oftware t hat t he a rtist c ommissioned c omputer. The programme enabled sound to modulate the colour bars of the television test signal in real time.

    A projected image of these modulations of the test signal was installed above a choir whose imitation of the test signal t ones, s et t he c olours, a nd a s t he t imbre o f i ndividual voices began to deviate from the set tone, the colours followed. These works, made in collaboration with artist and drummer, Dave Carbone, involve Coy taking written notes, made at a number of conferences on contemporary ar t, and isolating cer tain phrases that appealed to him.

    T aken out of context the phrases form a compulsive, and frequently hilarious, incantation. Coy critically examines the idea that the work of ar t is simply a machine for producing ideas, and as a result manages to interrogate the legacies of conceptual, performance and participatory practices from the 60s and 70s without defaulting to neo-conceptual tropes or rehashing old ideas.

    Phil Coy was born in in Gloucester , lives and works in London.

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    Canal admires the performances, videos and paintings of Brian Dawn Chalkley for their perverse multiplicity. Canal understands why an ar tist like Brian Dawn prefers the margins to the spotlight, but wants nonetheless to see her standing, looking stunning, in its cold white beam. I am not for the respectable face of drag, as parody, as vaudeville, as family entertainment. I am not for the transsexual who wants to be accepted as a real woman and fit comfortably within society.