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This was conduct God hated Proverbs He abhors a person of deceit Psalm Ultimately, lies and deceit have a spiritual origin.

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Those who lie and deceive are simply following his example and influence. Even Believers can be guilty of lies and deceit. Instead of being people of truth, totally committed to God, they can resort to trickery in their business dealings, in interpersonal relationships, in families and marriages, and even in churches. If you want to please God, seek to eliminate deceit from your life.

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Instead, cultivate a life of purity. Speak the truth. Prayer Father, cleanse me of sin and help me to be pure in Your sight.

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Use me to impact lives with the Gospel. But in an effort to win the admiration and gratitude of their peers, they took what should have been a good deed and turned it into a hypocritical sham.

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They made it seem that they were being as selfless as Barnabas and giving everything earned. Yet in reality, they only gave a portion and kept the rest of the gain for themselves.

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Their sin was not that they withheld, but that they tried to deceive. Their offering was one made from a spirit of pride, not from a humble heart.

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Their pretense backfired and not only cost them their reputation, but ultimately their life. They were so busy being concerned with impressing others that they neglected to catch the vision of God that the apostles were trying to share.

Do you have the heart of Barnabas or the attitude of Ananias? Are you offering your time, money, and talents to God just so that you can boast about it to your friends on social media?

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  • Or can you be content with making unseen sacrifices that are just between you and the Lord?