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Later, Unknown, Bluebook, Argosy, Adventure, etc. Met Bill when I was 18, in a second hand bookstore. He was a year younger, a dedicated stf and comics fan and already had an impressive collection which included the old Big Little comic books, vintage Batman and Superman issues and other tomes destined to be rare and costly some day. Even then, Bill was an indefatiguable [sic] collector. I recall the day he discovered an ancient volume of Flaubert's Salambo! A first edition, which would be worth a packet today. Also Clark Ashton Smith's Ebony and Crystal , which Bill calmly expropriated from the library by the simple expedient of walking out with it under his coat.

He had that ruthless verve possessed by all great bibliophiles, his youth notwithstanding. Better an appreciative chap like myself who will gloat over it by lamplight.

Devourer of Souls by Kevin Lucia

It hit me right between the eyes and I immediately outlined a plot. He didn't see it that way. We kicked it around, could not agree on the same plot line and finally decided to each write our own version. Did so, and swore a blood oath that no matter whose tale sold, the story would forever be known to the world as a collaboration job.

Felt I was grown up and it was time to put away the things of childhood. She paid me two cents a word on acceptance, whereas WT paid only a cent a word on publication. I had also recently read Steve Fisher's Literary Roller Coaster which appeared in the Writer's Digest Yearbook and which must have inspired every pulp writer alive.

I was determined to go to NY when I got out of the Army and be a full-time free-lance pulpateer.

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I was young and ambitious and full of plots and stuff and couldn't wait to attack the great pulp market. The few sales I had in the army only served to whet my appetite further. Joined the paratroops, but did not see combat duty. Remained stateside for the duration. Got out of the army in early '47, went to New York and dug in. Found a little pad in the upper Bronx, got a typewriter and began writing my guts out. Especially Su Mengyan.

Ling Tian's expression loosened up when he heard all this. Never thought you girls were just a bunch of idiots. The other girls also looked towards Ling Tian in confusion.

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Even the Su women looked at Ling Tian. Ling Tian looked at Su siblings and asked, " Why do you think Fengxi took the place of your mother and raised you all? Surely not for any ulterior motives. After all, what could she possibly gain by raising you while sacrificing her own future? Nothing at all.

Devourer of Souls

Then why do you think she still raised you three, hmm? It's because she cares about her family to the point she is even willing to disregard her own life. Although I have no clue about your family circumstances, This much is pretty easy to see through. Stop looking at everything in a negative way and try looking at things in a positive way for once, then you might see that the world is not as bad as it seems to be.

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The Su siblings and Su Fengxi were stunned speechless, so were the others. I never thought you'd actually find one. Su Fengxi's face became completely red as she heard Ling Tian's words. The others were startled. Even the red robed man was surprised by Ling Tian's words. Never thought you were into young grass. I have so much experience that even all your ancestors combined wouldn't match up to me. Do you really think I will not kill you just because of that bitch?

Ling Tian's eyebrows twitched.

He is a God and some mere Divine Emperor is actually threatening him. Ling Tian instantly appeared before the red robed man, Xie Xuangyuan. Your smug face is annoying. The sound of a series of punches and breaking bones accompanied by miserable screams resounded throughout the forest as many foreign divine senses invaded the forest. But with just a thought, Ling Tian destroyed all the divine senses. Under the shocked eyes of the girls, Xie Xuangyuan was lying under Ling Tian's feet like a dead dog.

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Ling Tian picked him by holding a hand of his and asked, " Now speak. Why did you come here? Surely you did not come here just to take back your children after leaving them alone for so long. Well, that's fine as well. Completely healed. After ten minutes of inhumane tortures of having his bones and organs shattered and healed, then again shattered in a more vicious manner, Xie Xuangyuan finally gave in and coughed up everything. But from this, it was pretty obvious that this guy is more like a servant to his so-called wife. This surprised Xie Xuangyuan and the girls.

They were surprised that Ling Tian was actually letting this heartless man go. A real husband isn't someone who always obeys everything the wife demands, but rather the husband that can keep his wife happy while still being the dominant one instead of degrading himself into something like a servant. Xie Xuangyuan raised his eyes in shock as he looked at Ling Tian in disbelief.

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Xie Xuangyuan immediately activated a teleportation talisman and before disappearing, he looked at Ling Tian gratefully. Is my luck still even working? Artoria looked at Ling Tian with a smile and thought, ' He really is kind-hearted. Ling Tian should have killed Xie Xuangyuan with the heartless acts he has committed.

The reason that he came here to take the life of the Su siblings itself was enough reason for Ling Tian to obliterate Xie Xuangyuan.