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My advice to someone that has possibly lost the faith during the journey of grief is to encourage them to keep their faith. The answer may not be known right then, and hopefully you can arrive to a place of acceptance. For me, I had to draw closer to God, as hard as it is, as angry as you may be.

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Often times we forget about their own suffering. The hardest was learning to look through a selfless lens, and if the death is from an illness do the research of the causes and what can be done from a preventative standpoint. I will forever have the beautiful memories of what it took for her to become a Registered Nurse during a segregated era, and how she died with no debt!

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How will I pay her legacy forward and keep it alive? I want to inform in certain cultures about diseases, and prevention.

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Her death was deemed failure to thrive. He leads Inkling to make the world a smarter place. Prior to founding Inkling, Matt spent eight years at Apple, growing the use of its products in education and the sciences. KFC marketing chief on the 'risky business' of selling chicken.

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This phrase is another. Birds of a Feather Flock Together Habit, we guess. And because she still listens to this Doris Day tune.

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Fortune Favors the Brave Go boldly, Grandma says. Confession Is Good for the Soul She already knows anyway—somehow—so you should go ahead and come clean.

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Holiday campaigns for seniors are gaining momentum as the population grays and as more medical studies link mental wellbeing with physical health. This year's local Santa drive is expected to deliver some 4, gifts to more than 1, seniors, easily topping past totals.