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And when the day is breaking, Is there happiness in waiting? Have you had your share of laughter, joy and cheer? And the baby that you carry, Does it make you wish your mother could be near? In the coolness of the morning, In the piccaninny dawning, Does your husband tell you often of his love? While the magpies merry singing, In the higher branches ringing, Is bringing morning greetings from above.

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Does the gentle evening breeze, Wave the smoke up through the trees, Do you see the shaft of sunlight drifting down? Or has drudgery and duty, Made you blind to every beauty, While the camp is turning dusty, bare and brown? With a bed of planks and sacking, And with every comfort lackin', Growing heavy as your time is drawin' near, In your shabby tent so dreary, Oh are you very often weary, And do you sometimes shed a silent lonely tear? And when her son was born, On a hot December morn, And the deadly fever started on its quest, 'Twas the time for her to hold him, And in her love enfold him, Was there time to give him comfort at her breast?

Of course there's no replying, To my questions, and my prying, And suddenly I know it's time to go, But I reckon I'll remember, What happened that December, In the summer time a hundred years ago. And then a road train passes, There's a ripple through the grasses, As if to wave a fleeting sad goodbye, To Clara and her son, Their lives so briefly run, And the busy highway traffic rushes by. Neither your address nor the recipient's address will be used for any other purpose. The information you enter will appear in your e-mail message and is not retained by Phys.

Dusty Waters, a Ghost Story (Field Stone Press, ) – Laura J. W. Ryan

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Dusty Waters, a Ghost Story (Field Stone Press, 2009)

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