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Every alphabet card shows a familiar example to allow your child to then use the words one everyday life. The thick cards are made from durable material to limit damage after continuous play. The instruction card is full of ideas to inspire you to help your child to learn through play. Synopsis - Product detailsFirst Fun Flashcards ABC contains 27 double-sided cards, each with a different alphabet letter in its upper and lower case form on one side. On the other side, there's a picture example and sentence, such as 'f is for fish' to encourage letter and word recognition in a fun, practical way.

Packaged in a durable card box, these fantastic alphabet flash cards are ideal for using at home and while travelling. Features of First Fun Flashcards ABC: The easy-to-read text and bright, colourful images encourage kids to learn the alphabet and build vocabulary. A mixture of images are used - from basics such as 'apple' to more complex objects such as a 'vase' - to stimulate a child's curiosity and expand vocabulary. The pack includes a double-sided instruction flashcard.

On one side are ideas for learning games that support basic letter and word recognition.

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On the other side is the complete alphabet. These alphabet flash cards are made of sturdy material and are the perfect size for small hands. Sort the cards into curvy letters and letters with straight lines. Point to a letter on the full alphabet card and find the matching letter card. While every attempt has been made to ensure stock availability, occasionally we do run out of stock at our stores.

Several local television stations, even those not affiliated with ABC, also developed special funny home video segments in their newscasts during the early s, inspired by the series. With the advent of smartphone technology that include built-in video cameras, social media, YouTube and other computer-oriented internet sites that brought about the era of the viral videos revolution starting in the s, television stations started capitalizing on amateur caught-on-video segments, cute, funny, amazing, or not, during their newscasts again and this time at present appears to remain here to stay.

AFV also capitalizes on the viral video revolution to their audience and viewers in terms of showing uploaded funny video clips, as well. Also, more and more shows similar to AFV continue to capitalize on the viral video revolution and emerge once in a while. The majority of the video clips are short 5—30 seconds and are mostly related to the host's monologues.

Videos typically feature people and animals getting into humorous accidents caught on camera; while others include clever marriage proposals, people and animals displaying interesting talents such as pets that sound like they speak certain words or phrases, or genius toddlers with the ability to name all past U. Presidents , and practical jokes.

A group of screeners view the submitted tapes, giving them a grade on a scale of 1—10 based on that particular tape's humor. The videos deemed the funniest by the screeners then go on to the show's producers and then is turned over to Di Bona and another producer for final approval.

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Every week, three of the videos seen which are among those included in the episode are chosen by the producers and voted on by the studio audience. In the show's first season, the second and third prizes respectively were a new TV and VCR and a new camcorder.

The program's studio segments are taped in front of a studio audience although the specials that aired in and only featured pre-recorded audience responses ; audience members are asked to dress in " business casual or nicer". The title of the show is usually changed and the studio segments are omitted. As noted in the closing credits of each episode, most of the videos have been edited for length due to time constraints.

On October 3, , beginning with the season 21 premiere, [10] America's Funniest Home Videos began broadcasting in high definition. Many of the videos, which are largely shot using standard definition camcorders, began to be stretched horizontally to fit screens. However, since the —13 season, videos shot in standard definition began to be pillarboxed particularly videos that are recorded on mobile devices that are shot at a vertical angle that would not even fit the safe area of many television sets entirely; since the conversion to HD, the series has featured advisories to viewers to tilt their mobile devices horizontally to when recording in order for their videos to fit screens.

Saget was assisted in hosting the special by actress Kellie Martin , then the star of fellow ABC series Life Goes On , a family drama which would serve as the lead-in program to AFHV for the latter show's first four seasons. Prior to the airing of the initial special, during the fall of , Vin Di Bona Productions took out ads in national magazines such as TV Guide asking people to send in their home videos featuring funny or amazing moments. John Ritter was Vin Di Bona's first choice as host of the program, but was unavailable.

Originally intended as a one-off special, it became an unexpected hit, causing ABC to place an episode order for the show turning it into a regular weekly half-hour primetime series; [14] it made its debut as a regular series on January 14, , with Bob Saget hosting solo. He was replaced by radio and television actor Gary Owens in , who stayed in that role until Saget left, but Anderson briefly returned shortly before his death in February Besides hosting the series, Saget also served as a member of its writing staff, alongside Todd Thicke and Bob Arnott. Eastern as part of an hour-long block of funny home videos.

Beginning about the middle of the first season, the show began featuring the "Assignment America" segment, which called for a series of videos to be sent in collected or made pertaining to a specific theme. Another segment introduced during Saget's tenure as host called "Backwards Classics," shows videos being played in reverse set to classical music. In season five, an animated sidekick was introduced named "Stretchy McGillicuddy" voiced by Danny Mann , who was known for trying to tease Saget and doing other crazy things.

In one episode in season five , he was shown on the two large TV monitors on both sides of the set and Bob had to turn him off with a remote. Stretchy's catchphrase was: "Don't get a little touchy Bob, I'm just a little stretchy! Paired with a weekly version of the popular Before They Were Stars specials on Thursday nights, World's Funniest Videos focused on funny and amazing home videos from around the world. Numerous comedy skits were performed on the set during Saget's tenure as host. The set consisted of a living room design the main set, originally a three-wall design with a bay window, was remodeled for the —93 season as a flatter frame outline with translucent walls — though the furniture featured on the original set remained.

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The beginning of each episode was tied in with a skit just before the transition was made from the introduction to Saget. This usually consisted of several actors in a fake room usually in the upper part of the audience section or in another soundstage pretending to get excited watching America's Funniest Home Videos. This technique was scrapped at the end of the fifth season. Saget soon grew tired of the repetitive format and was eager to pursue other projects as a comedian, actor, and director.

Producer Di Bona held him to his contract, resulting in a frustrated Saget listlessly going through the motions, constantly getting out of character, and making pointed remarks on the air during his last two seasons. Saget's contract expired in May , and he decided to leave the show afterward. Saget returned to America's Funniest Home Videos on two different occasions, first, to co-host a 20th anniversary special edition episode alongside Tom Bergeron, which aired on November 29, which was three days shy of AFV ' s actual 20th anniversary date of its premiere on the air on November 26, ; and on May 17, , he made a cameo appearance at the end of Tom Bergeron's final episode as host of AFV in Disneyland where he was driven by Bob Saget in a golf cart.

After Saget's departure from the series, ABC sidelined America's Funniest Home Videos from the network's —98 fall schedule, choosing to bring it back as a mid-season replacement. The series returned for season nine on January 5, , with new hosts, an overhauled look and a new rendition of the theme song, which remained in use with the guest hosts on the specials in , with all episodes of Tom Bergeron's run as host, starting in , until his 15th year and final season as AFV host in , and was still heard on Alfonso Ribeiro's audition tape as the new host of AFV in Comedian John Fugelsang and model-turned-television personality Daisy Fuentes took over as co-hosts of the show.

During this period, the show introduced a segment called "Bad News, Good News," which shows a video of an accident; then one of the hosts makes a humorous statement about the upside of what happened. This segment continued to appear occasionally until the fourth year of Tom Bergeron's stint as host.

Another notable segment was the "AFV Hall of Fame", in which a clip is shown, and Fugelsang reveals the moment of impact a screen that shows a still picture of that clip that occurred in it. This segment was scrapped at the end of season ten. Eastern time slot occupied by Disney films aired as part of The Wonderful World of Disney , [27] the show constantly changed time slots, moving from Monday nights [28] to Thursday nights [29] to Saturday nights.

Their last episode — which aired on May 6 of that year — was taped at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California. The only honorable mention of John Fugelsang, Daisy Fuentes, and segments showcasing their run to date was the 2-part th episode AFV special in during the early years of the Bergeron run, which also showcased Saget's run of episodes in select segments, as well.

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They have yet to make their first guest appearances on the road or in the studio on AFV , as they have never been invited back as guests since their final episodes as co-hosts back in Hughley and Spin City co-star Richard Kind. The show moved to a much smaller soundstage and the set featured various video screens and monitors resembling iMac computers placed on shelves. Eastern Time tip-off until A special entitled America's Funniest Home Videos: Deluxe Uncensored which was released only on home video, and featured somewhat more risque content than that allowed on the television broadcasts was hosted by Steve Carell and taped on the set used from the —99 season.

These specials except for the special sports edition were not taped in front of a live studio audience, with pre-recorded applause and laugh tracks were used during commercial bumpers and just before, during, and after video packages being used instead. Eastern Time; however, it went on hiatus for two months due in part to the September 11 attacks and also because of ABC airing specials and trying a new Friday night lineup.

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  8. That lineup was short-lived, and the show returned to the schedule in December In his earlier episodes, Bergeron used the set with the bulky see-through iMac computers from the AFV specials that aired in , until the latter part of his first season, when a new set with a studio audience was introduced featuring a round video screen with several monitors.

    Eastern time slot, still an hour long though special episodes occasionally aired on Friday nights until Unlike Saget, who provided voice-overs to the clips, Bergeron humorously narrated them, though he did lend his voice to some clips from time to time. Changes of the set were replacement of the round video wall by a curved video wall, changing the color of the pillars to blue sometimes other colors , addition of curved light borders hanging through the set, lights under the center with return of the letters "AFV".

    The Bergeron version added new segments, such as "Tom's Home Movies", where his face is digitally superimposed over the face of a person in each of the videos with varying expressions shown to match the person's reaction to their mishaps in the videos a recurring gag referenced by Bergeron in this segment is on his superimposed head being larger than normal size , various audience participation games using funny home videos including "Head, Gut, or Groin," where Tom picked one or two members of the studio audience to guess whether the person in the video would be hit in the aforementioned three areas of the body in order to win an America's Funniest Home Videos compilation DVD since the —13 season, a bobblehead of Bergeron was given as the prize and the "slo-mo gizmo", where a video is played first at normal speed and then again at a slower speed and using telestrator.

    Bergeron nearly always ended each episode with the phrase "If you get it on tape, you could get it in cash", which was later changed to "Upload to us.