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Dieser erscheint jeden Freitag und beschreibt kurz die Neuigkeiten im lernbasar. Besten Dank im Voraus. Bitte mitmachen! Sommer voraus - tolle Projekte, die dazu passen:. Beispiele aus dem Schulunterricht. Kein Projekt mehr verpassen! Quick Navigation. Today, we'll look at the German ones and see if they "sound the part. Hello everyone,. A quick word off topic first. Last week we had a poll about the WordPress snow. The majority does like it, and quite a few people do not and find it irritating, or it even slows down their computer.

No, this is not about beauty and fashion. Just different styles. Nature is full of noises.


And humans have always tried to capture that in language. B uzz, hum, squeak, sizzle, hiss … the list of verbs for sounds is sheer endless.

Not animal noises, just those noises that are around us every day. And who knows… maybe the way German captures those gives us new insights about the German language itself. Well … probably not. Kind of like my midriff… that is also a waist of time… … … No one is laughing. I expected that. It works for machines as well as for people. Brumm brumm is also what kids do to imitate cars and other engines.

Similar to brummen is summen which is a little higher, has less energy and a not growling. And it is THE noise for bees. Similar to summen is surren buzz, whir. In fact, the only difference to me that surren has less base. Surren is for example the sound a fishing line makes when you throw it out. Or the noise of a little pocket fan or an electric shaver. I like pocket fans by the way.

Translation of warum färbt sich herbstlaub bunt from

No laughter. So entspannend. The next one, rumpeln , is not. They do that a lot. But all these would sound like r umpel n. I think the best translation is to rumble. Grollen is also used for people by the way…not for the way they talk but for the way they feel. This internal being angry. Here are the first few lines of a poem by Heinrich Heine… can you guess what it means? Ich grolle nicht, und wenn das Herz auch bricht, Ewig verlornes Lieb! All right.

Two more in the section of deep noises.

Benötigte Materialien

One has to do with water… blubbern. This is commonly used to depict the noise water makes when it runs out of something or into some sort of funel… from the bath tub into the tube for instance or from a beer bottle into a glass. Gluck gluck is also the imitation of someone drinking. And of someone drinking. Or a jet engine. Or a really really big fan. I like really big fans bec… but we already had that joke did we.


Time to move on… to the medium noises. Why makes it so special? Well there are many reasons. And it is not only a technical term. Rausch is pretty strong though. It is something bigger. Especially dry leaves. You can also do it with your newspaper, certain kinds of fabric or a plastic bag. Rustle just sounds too dry to me a lot of times. The number one word to imitate what wood does is knarren. So that slang term is pretty fail. Like when you let a stone drop into a river. I like platschen better than to splash because it captures the initial hard onset and only then brings in the water , and splash again sounds a little too cool.

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Like a little creek running over stones. Oh and I almost forgot about planschen. No swimming, not playing water ball, just being in the water enjoying yourself. That is planschen and these little kiddie pools that you can blow up are called Planschbecken. The low noises used u and o , the medium ones had a in them, and of course the high ones are going to ha.. Ebooks and Manuals

Well, actually not really… the crucial part in these is the s in the middle. The u just adds some sort of weight to it. Oh and britzeln is also used for a sensation.

Have you ever put a fizzy tablet or fizzy powder in your tongue… that feeling is britzeln. Thanksgiving day concept.

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