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What Social Media Engagement Tactics Work For You?

When we make their lives easier, we win. The same thing applies on-site and even after the event. How we receive participants on-site, how we deliver content and how we get them to interact are all part of the same UX.

8 Tips for Better Instagram Marketing for Business

Our community not only deserves but expects that every touch point is intentionally designed. In , influencer marketing should not be news to any event marketer. But who are the influencers in your specific market? How should you work with them? The answers to these questions are different for every event and change over time.

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While some of us market events that attract celebrities with mass appeal, most event marketers focus on niches where influencers are not so obvious. The good news is that everybody can be an influencer, or at least have some form of influence on their peers. While strategic influencer marketing can work for any market, all event marketers can start by focusing on peer-to-peer recommendations. When we tell one or more of our peers that we have registered for an event, this has a significant impact. A good place to start is for that person to be passionate about the event itself. This is much more likely if they are involved in the creation or delivery of the event in some way or when such an event supports a cause or mission that resonates with that person.

Better Marketing

As event marketers we should make this process as simple and effective as possible. We can even go further, and possibly viral, by providing a financial incentive in the form of retrospective registration fee discounts or other incentives to the influencers. While email newsletters continue to be one of the most effective event marketing tools, most event marketing campaign open rates and click through rates make for dismal reading. Facebook Messenger offers an alternative way of delivering marketing messages. The stakes are high. Opting out is instant and any sort of abuse report can lead to a business being shut out of the platforms altogether, a huge risk for any organization.

There is also an expectation of instant messaging directly with the consumer, so these channels must be managed around the clock. There is also a case to be made for consumer saturation being just around the corner, so just like with any new marketing channel they should be approached carefully. Concerns over data privacy are not going away and we are likely to see more scandals and perhaps the first fines relating to new legislation. This presents a bit of a paradox to all marketers. While we love using tools that give us extra information about our target market, we are also consumers who know a lot more about data privacy than most and we hate having to give up our personal information online.

The knowledge we have and the work we do means we have a moral and legal obligation to market our events in the way that we want to be marketed to as consumers. We must work towards our own high water mark of event marketing and then go beyond. We have given you the trends that are shaping event marketing in and beyond. We have suggested how to rethink your strategy and discussed the most modern tools you can use to revamp your offline and online marketing.

The challenge is how can you use event marketing to communicate a transformative experience to your attendees. Modern event marketing delivers novelty, speed, dynamism to your event, it gets attendees excited to be part of an experience that will change them.

How to Build Intimate Relationships With Your Customers With This Single Lead Nurturing Campaign

Great event marketing cannot do anything to help poorly planned events or resuscitate bad concepts, but it is a strong driver to change them. Embracing change in event marketing, will change the industry for the better. We are marketing our events with unprecedented access to tools, technology and reach. Get in touch with us! Connect with our global sales or support team and enjoy a personalized experience. Let's Talk Event Tech!

Virtual Humans on Social Media—It’s a Thing

Meetings Management Simplifying the planning process while improving accuracy. Attendee Registration Deliver a fast and enjoyable registration experience to scale repeat attendance. Event Website Design a modern, on-brand event website with ease. Email Marketing Expand your brand awareness by connecting with the right attendees. Mobile Event Apps Elevate face-to-face experiences with an engaging event app. Survey Solutions Collect insightful feedback and understand how your attendees feel.

The Aventri Platform Make every impression count at conferences, meetings and beyond. Sign In. Exhibitor Lead Retrieval Exhibitors can order additional lead retrieval licenses, track lead scanning, and manage lead data. Request Demo.

How To Get Duplication In Network Marketing When Building On Social Media

We want to connect with you! Contact Us. The Event Marketing Guide This guide will tell you what matters now in and what will matter going forward in event marketing. Why is Event Marketing Important? Why is this event important? The exact question to ask is: Why should people attend your event?

The Attendee Perspective Listen closely and think carefully about the benefits of attending your event from the attendee perspective. Stakeholder Motivation. Your strategy also needs to focus strongly on other stakeholders such as sponsors , event partners and exhibitors. How can your event help them to meet their objectives?

Sponsorship packages, exhibition space and other revenue generating activity will be easier to achieve buy in for if you consider everything from their perspective. The Event Elevator Pitch An event elevator pitch is a succinct summary to explain your event to someone without any previous knowledge of it. Example questions to answer for your persona profiles : How do they consume content?

What technology and social media do they use? How much time and disposable income do they have? When are they most likely to interact and how? Who are their key influencers? Personalize Think about a specific elevator pitch which will appeal directly to each persona you have developed.

3. Use relevant hashtags

The Attendee Journey Throughout your attendee journey you have numerous touchpoints with your participants and stakeholders before, during or after the event. Minor Touchpoints Interactions via social media Response time to a question sent via email Learning that a competitor is exhibiting at the event Event signage Greeting on arrival at the event How comfy the chairs are How quickly the follow up is after the event Major Touchpoints Event website Direct invitation Exhibitor brochure Sponsorship pitch Registration process Recommendation from an influencer Event programme and content Discovering that smart badges will be used at the event The event experience Personalized metrics specifically for how an attendee was engaged To explore and better understand your stakeholders is a valuable exercise always.

The Tipping Point Think about how people decide whether or not to attend your event and try to understand their behavior and process. These are just some elements which may play a part: Reviews Recommendations Web search Researching alternative options Price Comparing against other events Earning a certificate or professional accreditation It could be several factors combined which tips the balance over to the decision to attend but understanding these triggers helps to perfect your marketing strategy.

Effective Frequency It is unlikely that someone will take action the first time they hear about your event. Understand you Event Stakeholders' ROI Event planners and marketers have never been in a stronger position to attract and keep event attendees and partners hooked and coming back time and time again. Growth Hacking.

Co-Creation The biggest secret of the event industry nobody talks about. Live Streaming We can see the reaction of half of you reading this. Multichannel Journeys If you work with email marketing , you know it. Onsite Analytics There is no excuse not to have offline data about how attendees engage with your event and your sponsors. Curation Event professionals, especially in corporate environments, are becoming curators of communities. Referral on Steroids There are a new set of tools that elevate the power of referrals in events.

In-depth Content Marketing We've all witnessed the power of content to support marketing activities. Make a remarketing ad for each trade show exhibitor or sponsor by giving them their own pages on your site. Include that in your package offerings.

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  • Create a countdown to early bird registration deadlines in your copy to make for a stronger call to action. Pop-ins and Exit Intent The battle for our attention online rages on. Fine Tune Your Pop-in Strategy Make sure your call to action button is a different color than your background, is centered, and is clearly stated. Make a trade.