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Q Baryton trios divertimentos. R Works for 1—2 barytons.

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T Works for 2 lire organizzate. V Keyboard trios. W Keyboard sonatas. X Miscellaneous keyboard works. Y Works for flute clock. A- autograph, i. Haydn in those years according to C. Items are numbered chronologically as far as possible within each category except in section Z ; these numbers are always shown in italics and are used for cross-references between sections e. Instrumental parts that are doubtful or are later additions sometimes by Haydn himself are parenthesized or given a question mark. Note : over spurious masses listed in Hoboken; composers of some identified by MacIntyre H Quae admiranda lux; for?

Merrick, rev. Tattersall : 17 How oft, instinct with warmth divine, F Ps xxvi. Heyda Hayda, Haida; c — ; also attrib. Appendix B.

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Vienna, 2, 4 April ; rev. Friebert, rev. Ramler: Der Tod Jesu ; perf. Vienna, 26, 27 March Weisse and G. Eisenstadt, before 11 Sept? Zeno: Lucio Vero , ; cf Q Acts 1, 2 inc. Coltellini, rev. Florence, 9 June ; ov. Schuster; cf appx Y. Rameau: Pigmalion. Meiningen, Er ist nicht mehr!

Leipzig and Nuremberg, , by Carl Franz; vocal part with bc extant; considered authentic by Landon A Sarti: I finti eredi; cf appxs X. Unpubd secco recits, rev.

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Recit and aria sung by Calcagni, London, , and Cantata a voce sola con violino composed for the Duke of Bedford, unidentified or lost; see Landon A Note : several anon. Haydn; 22 It. Leon , E; 3 Der erste Kuss J. Weisse , G; 5 Die Verlassene L. Haschka , g; 6 Der Gleichsinn G. Wither, trans. Eschenburg , A; 7 An Iris J. Bader , F?

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Lessing , a; 23 Minna J. Cardiff, Haydn; for text of no. Dormann: Franz Joseph Aumann Munich, , , ; arr. Lindemayr , C; 51 Kein besseres Leben, G. Mozart k Anh. Note : further songs, mentioned by Griesinger and Dies as composed in England, may be identical with some of those listed above; 7 Ger. Gerber, 23 Sept ; Haydn used 1st bars of no. Boswell , G; 4 Saw ye my father? Mrs Grant;? Burns , C. E nos. Note : Cant. Blumauer, after M.

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Tscherning , A, 2vv; 19 Grabschrift P. Hensler , g, 4vv? II also used in N 14 ; for bracketed dates of nos. I and II supposedly composed as ov. London, 31 March ; II uses Romance of lira conc. Note : single movts, see K 1 , 10 ; c spurious syms. Incidental music: Der Zerstreute comedy, 5,?

Bergopzoomer, after J. Regnard: Le distrait. J 63 combines altered ov. J 53 doubtful.

Stegmann ;? Note : ovs. Eybler in D-HR , orig. Note : concs. Note : 3 concs. Haydn in D. Hellyer Cardiff, Mozart; in Opera incerta Mainz, , ed. Gerlach, as by?

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Haydn, L. Mozart, or E. Angerer; version by L. Mozart with added movts. Note : for arrs. Musica instrumentale sopra le 7 ultime parole del nostro Redentore in croce … ridotte in quartetti, op. Note : Haydn apparently wrote? Note : arrs. Werner … herausgegeben von … J. Haydn Vienna, not arr.

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CZ-Bm 2 vn, vle ; probably not authentic.