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1. Become a freelancer

The platforms that we are going to present are similar to Amazon. However, they offer you different options to help boost your income. ClickBank was one of the first players in the performance based markets places. It is a network that connects vendors with affiliates to promote their eBooks and other digital products. Then the affiliates choose a product to promote through their distribution channels.

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Their aim is to lead people to their own website so that they buy one of the products the affiliate is promoting. The bottom line is that you are not responsible for promoting your own product. Platforms such as ClickBank provide you with useful services, e. That is why the company gets comission for each sale. In return you share your earnings, in the form of a comission, with the affiliates.

ClickBank started up in in the United States, which is why the online market can offer a lot more products for people from English speaking countries than from anywhere else. This target group can choose from hundred of thousands of products to buy or to promote. You can find a small selection of other online markets with similar business models here:.

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Now you know that writing your own eBook can give you a reasonable income. Do you prefer to speak about your subject or show first-hand what you are talking about? Of course this works best in a video. Turn your workplace into a classroom and share your kowledge with more than 4 million users on Udemy.

Udemy is the biggest learning platform on the internet offering more than 20, different online courses. You can upload your digital media as video and audio files or PowerPoint presentations and offer them as a learning course to more than 4 million registered users. From students who want to learn Spanish to managers who would like to improve their skills in Online Marketing, Udemy covers any topic.

Initially the platform became popular in English speaking countries. However, due to its growing success, Udemy started to offer their services in more than 10 languages in the past year. Starting out is quite easy: Create a video in which you give a lecture on your field of expertise. To attract more students include different types of content in your lecture. Why not add exclusive material for further reading? This differentiates you from others who solely offer video content. The second step is to come up with a fair price for your course.

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As the user will have unlimited access to your course take your time to decide on the value of your knowledge. After you upload your video Udemy will check it against their quality standards. The major strengths of Udemy lies in its Marketing. You can either create your own gift coupons on Udemy and spread them on the Internet or place price reductions on selected platforms.

As we explained ClickBank earlier in this post, you already know how affiliate programmes work. Paying comission to the affiliates on Udemy is one way to increase the number of students on your course. For instance, if a student has some trouble downloading your course the Udemy support team will help out.

Make Money by Selling on Fiverr Arbitrage $5 - Buy From SEOclerks $1

As you can see, your input of time is relatively low. The top lecturers prove that the dream of making big money with Udemy is possible. Here are their stories:.

A Portuguese man, Victor Bastos, earned nearly half a million dollars with lectures about web development in one and a half years. He saw the potential of online learning and turned his business on Udemy into his full-time job. Even though the German speaking market is relatively small in comparison, lecturers have shown that you can be successful. Focusing on courses about street photography, Thomas Leuthard, is one of the best earning lecturers in Germany. Income varies from a few hundred up to several thousand dollars per month.

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Extra tip: Those who promote their videos on Social Media are the most successful. Just recently a young American had his breakthrough. Within four days he made 50 short videos and uploaded them on Udemy with free access for the first 24 hours. On the first day 1, people registered for his lectures. This is the monthly salary for a top manager but as you can see, it can become a reality with Udemy. And make sure you keep both eyes open when you jump!

I put up a fiverr gig for some software I had and got a few gigs. It pays the bills.

If you want to sell whiteboard videos you can add a screenshot of a whiteboard video with a hand drawing graphics. Next consideration is adding your main keyword; you need to add your main keyword once and another related keyword. Take a look at the top sellers and how they design their cover photo so that you can come up with something unique. You want to have the best samples and when buyers order your gig you should deliver with the same quality. First you should add the important information, and then you later add extra description with your keywords and related keywords. Once you realize buyers are asking a similar question you should add it in your FAQ section which is inside the description.

I can tell you that if your gig is well optimized you can still make some decent sales even as beginner. You have to be exact because the moment you passed the said time on your gig most people will cancel the order and it will affect your ranking as more people are canceling your orders. And also when you have enough reviews in the sense that buyers are rushing to your gig, the 24 hour deliver can be added in your extras. The best way to start making sales immediately is to optimize your gigs and also deliver far more than your competition.

If you are a fast writer and can knock out a word review in less than 12 or 10 minutes, this can be a great gig to offer. People are always in need of reviews since consumers often buy products or services after reading a review. If you look presentable and can speak professionally in front of a camera, you should offer video testimonials. Choose the best course for yourself and deep dive into learning!

Get Work Done Faster On Fiverr, With Confidence

In , learn how to growth hacking strategies, tools and hacks for Shopify Dropshipping. Learn how to start a successful blog: steps for finding a niche for your blog and monetization strategies. Black friday. Save big! Start NOW. Alex Genadinik.

Certificate Available. What You Will Learn? Introduction Watch now Section 2: Basics and fundamental good practices. Moving up levels Watch now Copywriting for title Watch now Copywriting for description Part 1 Copywriting for description Part 2 Brand yourself on Fiverr and beyond so they recognise you next time they see you Think what products and services you can deliver easy and fast How to close gigs to get good reviews and more sales and 5-star reviews An additional way to get more reviews and sell more to customers Make sure you can reach out to this buyer again How to message past customers Don't get penalized and stay within terms of service How to increase sales and traffic from your email signature The YouTube hack to increase Fiverr sales Section 3: Fiverr SEO.

Fiverr SEO choosing gig keywords How to quickly get a gig to rank well in Fiverr Section 4: Maximizing your profits: 1st strategy.

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Making people buy your gig extras Increasing awareness of your gig extras via reviews Section 5: Maximizing your profits: 2nd strategy. The next gig upsell strategy or gig carousel