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I see If you move these sliders, the breast should move accordingly. Go to the parameter pane again, right click and chose "Edit" to enter edit mode as you did before. You should see a weird name followed by UpDown. I need that exact weird name to refer to it in the script. I need the same thing for "Side2Side" morph.

If this doesn't work, we have to give up Another point: the only reason to render at 4k is to reduce it afterwards to mask flaws in the render, like grain. Thanks for that tip Richard. I don't think I was ever really clear on Ghost Light properties.

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So they are pretty much just to augment other lighting then? I find myself using Brenna a lot specifically because her skin seems to react so well to light. Except for this time. I attached a picture of her, unfettered by my maniacal lighting attempts. But the problem is I really want to morph his feet so they aren't really toes. More like seamless socks.

Any ideas? Dartenbeck, regarding my V4 pic, I made it very quickly after after reading 3DAGE's interesting comment and before I saw your shadow tutorial. It was done with off the shelf items except the glasses. The skin texture is Lana Elite. I got it from the DAZ store many years ago. The reflections came out fairly realistic without too much effort. I tried to get a similar effect in poser but failed. I will be working on shadows with V4 so your shadow Tutorial will be very useful.

The attachments show why I need shadows in my paintings and illustrates why Carrara can be a fantastic reference tool for artists. What does the error log say? Io ho risolto eliminando due morph da un pacchetto. L'autore aveva messo due file identici in due pacchetti separati ed entravano in conflitto.

With G8, I appreciate the flexibility of the model for anime products like Sakura as well as allowing for more realistic details and advanced texturing but I would miss all the creatures and other fantasy morph s in particular for Gen collected over the years. The existing script can do that, but it has some limitations as to how it does it. Trying to keep this short, because I do go on. The things you think of as morph s exist in the Daz framework as properties which are attached to modifiers which are morph s, the script has to hack around to find all the related morph s.

A property is not a morph , and neither is a morph a property. The scripting method "Dz Morph " which deals with morph s is not documented.

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To find morph s with a script you tend to have start by finding the properties they are associated with. This makes the scripting Again, a property is not a morph , and neither is a morph a property.

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Morph s are elements, and the method DzElement works on them, but it's trick to use the property to find the right element. Do it wrong, and you can end up with the figure itself, and bad bad things can happen from there with script trying to litteral conver the figure Genesis 3 into Genesis 8. So, parenthic included, it's really importnat to make sure the script only deals with the morph properties. GenX does this, it seems, a bit differently. By inspecting the web of connections between modifiers, and then giving you the option to transfer everything connected to the morph s or just the morph s selected.

They speak not until He has spoken, and they act on His command. They fear their Lord above them, and they do what they are commanded. So it is not possible for the angels to disobey their Lord, because they are protected from sin and they are naturally inclined to obey Allah. The fact that Iblis is not one of the angels means that he is not compelled to obey Allah. He has freedom of will just as we humans do. Allah says interpretation of the meaning :. There are also Muslims and kafirs non-Muslims among the jinn.

It says in Soorat al-Jinn interpretation of the meaning :.

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It guides to the right path, and we have believed therein, and we shall never join in worship anything with our Lord Allah. Al-Hasan al-Basri said: Iblis was not one of the angels, not even for a single moment. He is the father of the jinn, just as Adam peace be upon him is the father of mankind.

This was narrated by al-Tabari with a saheeh isnad authentic chain. Some of the scholars said that Iblis was one of the angels, that he was the peacock of the angels, that he was the one among the angels who strove the hardest in worship … and other reports, most of which come from the Israiliyyat stories and reports from Jewish sources , and some of which contradict the clear texts of the Quran. A lot of these reports were transmitted from the salaf pious predecessors , and most of them come from the Israiliyyat, which may have been transmitted in order to be examined [i.

Allah knows best about the veracity or otherwise of many of them. Some of them are definitely to be rejected, because they go against the truth which we hold in our hands. In the Quran we have what is sufficient so that we have no need for previous reports, because hardly any of them are free of distortions, with things added or taken away.

They identified the fabricators and liars, and those about whom nothing was known, and other kinds of men i. All of this afforded protection to the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him , the seal of the Messengers and the leader of Mankind, so that nothing would be attributed to him falsely and nothing would be transmitted from him that he did not say or do.

May Allah be pleased with them and make them pleased [by rewarding them], and make the Paradise of al-Firdaws their eternal abode. Password should contain small, capital letter and at least 8 characters long. Meet the sexy, psychic version and his partner in crime, forensic psychologist, Miri Fox.

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