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While many gardens may start winding down in September, southern areas of the United States are coming into the prime gardening season.

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Even if you maintain a garden in the northern regions, there are still fast-growing vegetables that you can plant in September to keep your vegetable garden producing well. Find out more about what to plant in September and begin a fall garden. Autumn is an ideal time to take advantage of the cooler weather. Depending on where you live, some root vegetables and salad greens grow just as well in the fall as they do in the spring.

Growing an autumn garden allows you to keep fresh produce on the table without having to tend to a garden in the hot summer sun. To plan your fall garden, you will need to find out when your area typically expects its first frost. To find when you need to get your seeds in the ground, determine the number of days to maturity per vegetable then count back the number of days from the first average frost date.

Fall Vegetable Gardening Guide for Texas

If you could suggest to beginning to fairly advanced gardeners only one reference book about organic gardening, what would it be? I think what Coleman has done at his Four Seasons Farm in Maine is simply fantastic and a model for any would-be market gardeners—that is, people with a limited amount of space like a backyard and turning it into cash.

Which brings us to the missing piece: What about the South? All of the previous books, and most on organics, are written by and about people living in the Northeast. If you can grow organically in the Deep South, you can grow anywhere.

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People in California certainly have sunny weather, but not routine simultaneous triple digits in heat and humidity! Tropical and semi-tropical weather patterns—especially, as she notes, compounded with climate change warming temperatures—poses unique challenges to the Southern organic gardener.

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There is a beautiful area of the United States where the temperatures rarely drop below 30 degrees F, where January can feel like a mid-spring day, where the soil never freezes, and most importantly, vegetables can truly be grown year-round without much extra effort. But seed packets and gardening books are not generally made with the deep south in mind, so here are a few changes to make when planning your vegetable garden for zones :. Make good use of that shady corner of the garden! Pepper plants love the long hot days of southern summers.

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My parsley plant thriving in the middle of winter. These are just a few things that come to mind, but I'm sure there are many more.

Down To Earth Vegetable Gardening: Down South - Part 3

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