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Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Log Me In to see our price. View Cart. Email Print. Kong Audio Overview. Music was connected with ritual and state power back then, and such a sophisticated instrument like Bian Zhong could only be accessible for the lords Twelve-Tone Scale Chinese music has always been thought to be pentatonic-centered. Marquis Yi's chime-bells curiously offers a full tone scale, even though it's still pentatonic-centered.

With the tone scale, modern music can easily be played with this chime-bell Two Tones Per Bell The bronze Bian Zhong is constituted of a set of 65 bronze chime-bells including the one given by the king of Chu mounted at three levels on a wooden frame and divided into eight groups.

The legal estate passes on 3 May. Thus she has no property on 10 May. Philip will not be bound by the charging order. In Yau Siu Yeung v Wing Sum Lo [] and Ng Kam Ha v Vincent Sina Traders [] , the courts held that the vendor had dispossessed himself of all his or her interest in the land at the date of execution of the assignment regardless of whether the assignment was registered or not.

Because the assignment predates the charging order, the vendor Vera, has no property to be encumbered by the charging order. The invalidity of the charge defeats the priority.

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June , Question 2 b priority of unwritten equitable interests in land. The sale and purchase agreement was signed by Patricia and Venda on 3rd May and registered on 25th May The parties have agreed in the sale and purchase agreement that the assignment to Patricia will be executed by Venda on or before 2nd August , which is the agreed completion date. The Sale and purchase agreement has been signed and registered. At the time of the charging order, the assignment of the property has not taken place yet.

Ho King Yim v Lau King Mo [] has held that where the purchaser has held that a purchaser, with actual or constructive notice of the charge must pay any unpaid purchase money to the chargee to the extent necessary to discharge the charging order. Patricia is deemed to have constructive notice by virtue of the registration of the charging order in the Land Registry.

Advise Patricia as to what she must do with the outstanding balance of the purchase price which is due to be paid on or before 2nd August Patricia must pay out of the residue of the purchase money sufficient to discharge the charging order in favour of the Bank and pay any remaining money to Venda.

June , Question 3. The lease is by deed, but is not registered in the Land Registry. The mortgage is by deed. In , it did away with GMOs in all of its own-brand products — well before regulations came into force on labelling GMO products in In , within the framework of its agri-ecology plan, the first French line of chickens reared without antibiotics was launched.

As real experts, they are able to exploit the full potential of a seed grown in different climate and soil conditions. The resulting fruit and vegetables are all different out in the field. This practice is essential for maintaining the planet's biodiversity. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

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Happy reading Interdit French Edition Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

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