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Camino Primitivo: The Original Way

Plenty of green area around our Center makes it a perfect place for rest, reflection and regeneration before the last part of the Camino.

Wari – Pilgrimage of Joy

Monte de Gozo is the second — after the cathedral in Compostela — mostly mentioned place on the Camino de Santiago. For generations of pilgrims this place has its symbolic meaning, associated with joy, because from this very place,for the first time, they may see the goal of their pilgrimage — the cathedral where rests the body of St. The first chapel that was built for pilgrims in this place was dedicated to Holy Cross.

Pilgrimage of Joy - How Great Thou Art

Unfortunately, the edifice was destroyed and no description of it was left. A new chapel, dedicated to St. I am grateful that nobody was killed by this particular fire.

Participants share on the experience at the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

The Clarks Fork area is right in the center of the burn zone, and the road has not yet re-opened since the fire. I decide to walk in, to explore, to see if this area would work for the retreat next year. I know that the campground I want to check out is about 7 miles in.


I feel challenged, adventurous, and a bit nervous, too. When I first go down the hill from the closed gate and cross the bridge over the raging creek, there is total destruction. All that is left are blackened tree carcasses and bare ground.

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My heart is heavy. But then, as I keep walking, I get surprised — I notice that the fire burnt in a mosaic pattern. There are areas where everything is burnt, like the area I first encountered, but other areas are not touched at all, and wildflowers are starting to bloom.

Camino de Santiago

And in some places the fire has blackened trees, and killed some of them, but new growth is already happening. Some areas look not that different from clear cut forests. Empty wastelands with only tree stumps left, stacks of logs, huge slash piles. The burnt logs are being cut, both to make travel on the road and trails safe again, but also to sell the lumber that is still salvageable.

As I keep walking, I come more in sync with the forest around me.

I feel sad and cry for the destruction, and I rejoice with the green untouched areas and the new life erupting. I say blessings for the forest, for the burnt parts and the healthy ones, for the beings that are alive and for the ones that perished. The forest becomes part of who I am. My task of evaluating for a retreat moves to the background — still in my awareness, but not so prominent. I no longer feel like a voyeur, but rather like a pilgrim in a new land. How many campsites?

Pilgrimage Quotes (78 quotes)

How far is it to the burnt parts of the forest? Is it too far? Can this work for a retreat? The first part of the return trip involves a lot of tracking, marking, measuring. But eventually, as the sun moves lower in the sky, I settle back into the pilgrimage.

enter site Just this step, just this tree, just these flowers, just this cloud.