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Unlike past SpaceX vehicles, which were targeted to and often funded by specific customers , there are no early commitments for the BFR beyond this mission, though Musk has said in the past the vehicle would be capable of doing any of the work currently performed by the Falcon 9. The meter-long vehicle, which the company has begun to construct in a new facility near the Port of Los Angeles, could be the largest rocket ever flown.

It includes a reusable booster and a reusable single-stage rocket with enough room for passengers.

Riding a Lemon to the Moon

Those engines have been tested many times but never flown. NASA is also eager to return to the moon. The US space agency is planning to work with private companies to send robotic explorers back to the lunar surface before sending astronauts to begin work on a platform orbiting the moon. Those vehicles are expected to make their first test flight in There are few regulations governing private companies who wish to transport humans into space, although the US government must ascertain that any launches from its territories will not endanger other space activities.

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For now, any passengers will be able to sign a waiver—and a check—to start their countdown. Musk even joked that he might join Maezawa on the inaugural tourism mission.

Gazing out at the horizon, the brilliant moon emits just enough light so you can see the rolling hills meet the sky. The hushed peacefulness connects you with the people that have been there before, the vibrant life surrounding you and the journey that has brought you to this point. So when Dirty Kanza Promotions announced Lunar Kanza , she suggested we complete this leisure ride and get our own taste of gravel. I may have thought she was crazy.

Riding the Low Moon

Neither of us had ever ridden gravel and she wanted to ride 50 miles of it in the dark in five weeks. I looked up Lunar Kanza and discovered it was designed as a fun alternative to the grueling DK After the first ride where my gravel-loving brother turned our easy 20 miles into a grueling 35 we were hooked.

Larry Malkin – Low Tide and Moon (Thumb)

When we pulled up to LunarKanza, we were confident and excited and the ride went perfectly. My dad mentioned this from the onset, but it took me some time to really get it. You have to listen to your bike. It tells you where you need to go and you need to trust it to take you there.