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She not only ended up doing exactly that within hours but also repeated this again for a bigger amount. Unlocking Transcendence Quest runs for 60 consecutive days. The Quest is divided into SIX parts — each developing 2 types of awareness that are most impactful for that specific area.

Level 1: Location Awareness. Focusing your awareness and stretching your awareness Deepen your experience of spatial awareness Sensing your awareness independently from your physical body Journeying outside your body and into the stars Applying Location Awareness in real world. Level 2: Time Awareness. Using Time Awareness for different times in your life Moving through time for understanding your past and future Choosing your future by changing timelines.

Level 3: Physical Awareness.

Level 4: Energy Awareness. Feeling energy flowing through your body Healing to release stuck energy from your body Moving your energy body independently from your physical body Bringing both bodies into perfect synchronization Balancing conflicting advice from others regarding your health or body. Level 5: Mental Awareness. Level 6: Listening Awareness. Developing a more compassionate mind Listening to the pulse of the world. Level 7: Intuition. Level 8: Spiritual Connection. Level 9: Emotional Awareness.

Level Empathic Awareness. Exploring your Empathy Awareness Using your empathy to tune into specific emotions Matching others consciously to gain understanding Clearing out all the stored emotions that are not yours. Level Personal Awareness. Level Global Awareness. Using your spirit to broadcast your message to the world. What Students Say. Just small, manageable, bits of new info, exercises and learning each day.

Generally, each session has been min. It is a program designed for learning and achieving success. You get to learn, have a taste, complete a task, and carry on. Very doable over the course of a tight-packed day and accomplishing the daily task not only builds knowledge and is fun, but it increases confidence in the completion of it. In an over-complicated, over-booked, over-the-top kind of world, it is a breath of release and a joy to learn.

This would be a great way for kids and youth to learn too. The course was simple to do but so effective. Going back to basics really helps to ground you and reconnect which is where we all need to start no matter where we think we are developmentally. I feel I can filter out the noise around me and go within to get answers to questions and identify problems before life overwhelms me.

Overall I am less reactive to issues that come up in life and find solutions without the previous panic that would eat away at me. My friends and colleagues have also mentioned recently that I appear to have an inner calmness and always seem happy and positive. That surprised me! This Quest was an awesome journey of discovery and exploration beyond the limits we humans thought having. I also loved this Quest method of learning. What is taught becomes part of you effortlessly. For me, this Quest was a total success.

Thank you, Jeffrey. I am actually doing his course again on my own [ This brought up a lot of emotion for me but it clearly shifted my feelings towards my body and I got to love it just the way it is. I am still noticing improvements in that area — when I walk past a mirror I find myself appreciating me and the way my body looks, the way it moves and how capable it is. I also loved the meditation when we healed our bodies — I always knew the body can heal itself but this sort of brought it home. I actually used some of the techniques Jeffrey taught us in school with the kids I teach English on Saturdays.

They were much more focused after that. Unlocking Transcendence opens up new ways of thinking and spirituality.

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And most of all; Jeffrey Allen is a great teacher who reaches the heart of everyone. I deeply love this program and I am very grateful that I could be a part of it! Typical tuition fees for a program of this caliber, where a master teacher guides you towards spiritual fitness over a period of days… will typically cost you thousands of dollars. Students are often pay premium prices to be coached by Jeffrey. You can enroll now, go through the materials for the next 10 days risk-free 10 days from the start of Quest.

“The Book - On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are” by Alan Watts (Complete Book)

And then you can decide whether to keep the program or not. Unlocking Transcendence is not a regular self-study course. Rather it has the best of both the traditional self-study course and a LIVE seminar with the added effectiveness of a day obstacle-course-race-style micro-learning experience. We know this works.

The micro-learning structure of the course is proven to have the highest completion rates and the best results for students. Plus, Jeffrey Allen is the highest rated spiritual teacher in Mindvalley. Visit home. They say the journey is the destination.

108. SOPHIE SCHOLL: The fire within

Unlocking Transcendence — 60 Days To Spiritual Fitness opens the floodgates of wisdom to let a new paradigm of flow, ease, and well-being into your life. We did. What if the teacher over promises? So you can try out this new program risk-free and enjoy this special discount if you decide to keep the course.

Am I really getting both the app version and the web version of the course? Included in this lowest price, is the smartphone app version and the web version. You can access the web version just like any other course in Mindvalley. What is the difference between Duality and Unlocking Transcendence? Duality helps you deeply understand how your energy body functions and how to work with energy for self-healing, communication, and manifesting.

Duality includes an amazing amount of information students have been known to repeat the class several times, receiving deeper information each time. It also includes guided meditations and real-world exercises and applications. If you want to treat your mind and learn deeply about energy, Duality is the course for you. If you want to understand your true nature as a spirit, Unlocking Transcendence is the course for you. Both courses will deeply affect your perception of yourself and change how you live your life. They complement each other and can be taken in either order.

How exactly does the Unlocking Transcendence Quest work? You only need to commit minutes every day for the whole 60 days that this Quest will run. When does the Unlocking Transcendence day quest begin? Your Unlocking Transcendence quest starts on Monday, December 2nd, You will receive an email the day before the Quest begins and then everyday throughout the 60 days.