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Exposing younger students to the complexities of global issues will not only enable them to thrive in an inter-connected and mul Skip to content. Here is my advice on factors to take into account when choosing the right international school for your child: The staff When you meet staff, either for a formal meeting or through a chance encounter in the corridor, do they express a clear sense of aspiration and ambition for the children in their care — whether they are talking about senior students or toddlers? Looking beyond classroom teachers, are you seeing that same level of purpose from teaching assistants and other support staff?

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All schools say that they hire great staff, and the best schools certainly recruit the best available. But the school for your child should be the one that also has in place programmes to ensure that teachers are refining and improving their teaching practice on the job.

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Always look for the latter. The students Do the students look purposeful? Observe how the children engage with their teachers. Are the students asking questions, demonstrating intellectual curiosity, and showing a willingness to challenge respectfully what they are being taught? These are all vital skills and a good school will be cultivating them The learning environment Talk is cheap, great facilities are not. Is there evidence that the school is making good on promises to provide the facilities and resources required for great learning, or is there more than a hint of wishful thinking about school development plans?

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They read and explore the techniques used by others in a never-ending effort to better themselves and their skill. Effective teaching demands that the teacher be knowledgeable in the subject area. The teachers must have a detailed understanding of what is being taught. Effective Discipline Discipline should not be an issue.

What Makes a Good School?

Students must respect others and failure to do so cannot be tolerated. Students must understand school and class rules and expectations, and adhere to them. When discipline is necessary, it is not vindictive, but just a consequence when a student does not do what is required. There is a Variety of Instructional Techniques No two classes, or two students are identical. An effective school has teachers that understand this and differ instruction to best help students be the successful.

Good teaching and strong leadership from the head are the crucial ingredients, says Cyril Taylor

Key concepts are presented in ways to enable visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners grasp it. Students are actively involved in learning with a variety of opportunities to grasp key concepts. Individualized Instruction and Approaches to Students Students' abilities and needs are different. To effectively teach all students, the school staff must understand this.

What Makes a Good School Culture?

The teaching and interactions with students must reflect the needs of each, with the understanding of each as an individuals. Leadership The building principal must have the respect of students, parents, and staff with a vision, high expectations, and the ability to help others succeed. This person must be able understand people, and motivate them, creating a positive attitude throughout the building.

Successful schools have a sense of trust built on the back of an honest and caring leader. Many factors go into helping a child become a productive adult, and there is no way one assessment a year can measure success or failure.

The fact that so many people believe that one test on a couple of mornings each spring can determine school quality, teacher quality, and student learning shows an alarming lack of understanding in what makes a good school. This factory model of assessment would have been great 50 years ago, when schools were modeled after and trained students for work in factories.

However, that day has long passed. Leaders in education need to look at what it takes for students to succeed and help create schools to educate the students of today and tomorrow.

Qualities of a Top School Principal and School Administrator (ETE, Ep. 6)

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. These characteristics make a school good:.

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